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Injury Awards

These are some of the cases that we have personally handled at Normand & Associates in recent years.

Disclaimer: Remember that every case is different and we are not able to promise in advance what your case will settle for or suggest that past results will be a reflection of your own individual case result.

Automobile Accident Results

$400,000 Jury Verdict Plus Interest and Expenses

After the insurance company refused to make a fair settlement offer, we filed suit with our client’s permission and took the case to court. A fair New Hampshire jury awarded her $400,000 for past medical expenses, diminished quality of life and permanent injury. The insurance company attorney argued that our client previously was in poor health and her quality of life would have eroded without the accident. The medical expert that we retained testified via videotape that our client had a permanent injury caused by the crash despite her previous health concerns. The insurance company disputed the $27,000 in medical bills that we attributed to post accident treatment. The jury verdict was approximately 6 times more than the last unreasonable offer made by the insurance company. The insurance company continued to fight and filed a motion for a new trial. The trial judge denied the motion, stating that the verdict was reasonable, under the circumstances, and also awarded interest and costs. Since our client was receiving governmental benefits by this time, we were able to establish a Special Needs Trust that allowed her to keep her benefits. (Total payout including interest and costs – $471,000)

$125,000 Uninsured Motorist Arbitration Award

Client’s own insurance company refused to make a fair settlement offer when client was hit by an uninsured driver. We took the case to binding arbitration where the three (3) member arbitration panel awarded our client and his wife $125,000, a number twice the amount of the last insurance company offer.

$50,000 Chain Reaction Crash Settlement

A 30-year old client was involved in a multi-vehicle collision when she was stopped in a line of traffic and the vehicles behind her were rear-ended, pushing them into her car. Our client sustained a cervical strain, shoulder strain and low back strain. Her medical records revealed that she had prior back and shoulder problems that the insurance company tried to argue. The documentation that we obtained, however, showed that our client was well before this crash. Total medical bills were approximately $14,000 and the case was settled prior to suit for $50,000.

$50,000 T-Bone Settlement

The wife of a U.S. Postal worker was injured in a car crash when her vehicle was t-boned by a careless driver who blew a stop sign. The 40-year old client was taken to the hospital by ambulance as a precaution. She was initially diagnosed with cervical sprain and multiple bumps and bruises.

Our client’s physician recommended a course of physical therapy and an evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedist did not recommend further treatment, but our client continued to have problems, including pain to her chest. Her physician later diagnosed a cyst in her chest that probably was caused by the seat belt during the crash. Surgery was required to remove the cyst. Total medical bills exceeded $16,000, and our client was out of work for one week. She had significant pain for at least a year and subsequently made good recovery. After 18 months, she continued to feel symptoms of the injury she was involved in activities.

$150,000 Jury Verdict (5 Times What Insurance Company Offered)

Our client, a single parent mom, was hurt in a car crash when she was stopped at a
red light. Two other drivers crashed into each other and then both crashed into her. She was simply stopped at a light waiting to proceed. Our client was not at fault and she was hurt primarily in the neck and shoulder area. She wore a sling at work for a several weeks and continued to feel the symptoms of the accident at the time that the case went to court three (3) years later. Our doctor indicated that our client had a permanent injury caused by this crash, although she was functioning fairly well in life. The two insurance companies blamed each other for the accident and later offered a settlement that was far less from what we felt our client deserved. The jury listened carefully to the evidence presented and awarded our client 5 times what the insurance company last offered, plus interest and costs. (This case proves that it is a good idea to ask for a second opinion on value by an experienced attorney if you feel that the insurance company is not being fair with their offer.)

$27,000 Quick Settlement In Bad Economic Times

When our client, Martin, was hurt in a rear-end collision while on the job, he contacted Attorney Normand when he was worried about the financial stability of his family. He was already facing foreclosure on his home and had not fully recovered from his injuries in the car crash. We were able to quickly document the injuries that were caused by the crash, worked with the workers’ compensation insurance company to reduce their lien, and obtained a reasonable recovery that helped Martin and his family cope in their difficult economic times.

$110,000 Combined Settlement for Active Senior Citizen

Our very active71-year old client was driving on the highway when she was hit by a careless young driver who only carried a $50,000 liability insurance policy. Our client suffered injury to her left arm with pain radiating into her left hand. She also was traumatized by this crash and suffered post traumatic stress disorder. The insurance company argued that many of her limitations and restrictions were just part of the aging process, and that she had recovered from any post traumatic stress that had been caused by this crash. The injuries impaired her quality of life, made it difficult to lift with her hand, and she was still experiencing pain and limitations three years after the crash. The careless youth who crashed into her had no assets, and his insurance company paid their $50,000 policy in return for a release of liability. Our client and her husband had a good auto insurance policy on their own vehicles with underinsured motorist coverage. Their own insurance company agreed to pay an additional $60,000 in underinsured motorist coverage for a total $110,000 settlement. The settlement had to be satisfactorily coordinated with the Medicare lien.

$70,000 Quick Settlement for 85-Year Old Veteran

Our active 85-year old client was involved in a head-on collision when a careless driver rear-ended another vehicle on a busy road, causing that vehicle to be pushed head-on into our client who suffered a broken ankle, bruised ribs, smashed knee and cut lip. Despite his age and injuries, our client made a speedy recovery.

We were able to document all of the injuries that were caused by this crash. The insurance company, of course, argued that our client was aging, and that his aches and pains are associated with age. We were able to obtain a speedy settlement of $70,000 within 5 months of accident for a reasonable amount under the circumstances and timing. We were proud to have represented this decorated WWII veteran.

$35,000 Settlement – Chiropractic Treatment

Our client was heading north to enjoy a weekend of ATV travel when his trailer was struck by a vehicle that crossed into his lane, causing him to sustain injuries, including cervical strain, low back strain, headaches and chest pain. The treatment was primarily chiropractic, and the insurance company argued the extent of injuries. Our client, himself, an EMT, was a very credible witness, and we were able to obtain a reasonable settlement when he continued to have problems 2 years after the accident.

$12,000 Recovery When Hit by Government Employee

Our 31-year old client was driving through the toll booth with his young son when a government employee operating a government car failed to slow down and rear-ended him in the toll booth. Our client sustained a sore neck and was seen by his physician, along with a short course of physical therapy. He made a good recovery.

$17,500 College Student Visiting New Hampshire

Our client, a 20-year old college student was visiting New Hampshire when he was rear-ended on a way to the ski slopes. Our client, an athletic individual felt that he would not have a problem, but continued to have pain in his neck and low back as the weeks progressed. He later sought medical treatment, including chiropractic care out of State. His total medical bills were $5,587, and he did not have further symptoms 14 months after the accident. The client was happy with the resolution, and the case settled prior to filing suit.

Truck Crash Recoveries

Young Wife Killed by Tanker Truck Crash (Undisclosed Amount)

Our client, a young wife in her 30’s, was on her way to work at 6 in the morning, when a young driver tried to pass her vehicle and another vehicle in her lane of traffic, when a tanker truck showed up from the opposite direction. The youthful driver ran off the road on the left hand side where he collided with a tractor trailer truck in the break down lane. The tanker truck then lost control, crossed the yellow line, and crashed into our Plaintiff’s vehicle, killing her instantly.

We assisted the grieving husband with a Probate Court filing, hired an accident reconstruction expert and explored options for recovery. The driver had no insurance so we were able to quickly recovery our client’s total uninsured motorist policy of $100,000. Her insurance company also waived their right of subrogation against any other claims that we would make. After our expert witnesses noted several ways that the truck driver and his company may have been negligent, we were able to settle with the truck’s insurance company for a confidential amount at mediation after suit but prior to trial. We retained numerous expert witnesses to assist to establish liability and damages, including a former police officer who taught other police officers as an accident reconstructionist, a long-time instructor of tractor trailer drivers from a tractor truck driving school, an economist to establish damages associated with the loss of life, and a respected Ph.D. author, who is an expert on federal trucking regulations and trucking practices. (The settlement amount was confidential)

$200,000 Combined Verdict

A young engineer starting his career was rear-ended by a delivery truck on Rt. 93 while returning from a job site. This athletic client initially felt that he would be able to work through the neck and shoulder pain that he experienced. He did not speak to an attorney until it was evident that his physical ailments would continue for a much longer period of time. He was concerned for the financial stability of his young family. After we helped to document a real injury that competent physicians confirmed was caused by this crash, the insurance company failed to make a reasonable settlement, and we took this case to court. After a trial before a judge, the judge awarded $170,000 in damages for the engineer and $30,000 for his wife who had a right to recover for the loss of consortium. Interest and costs was added by the court on top of the verdict.

88-Year Old Run Over by Bus On His Mobility Scooter

Our active 89-year old client was returning home on his mobility scooter from a neighborhood shopping trip. As he crossed a busy intersection, from corner to corner, but not in a marked crosswalk, a driver of a small school bus van did not notice him, ran into him and knocked his scooter over. He was dragged a short distance and sustained a head injury. Our client was able to get up and did not want any assistance. Since he was light-headed, however, he was taken to the hospital where he, unfortunately, died two days later from internal bleeding associated with the head injury. The insurance company for the bus initially denied liability, claiming that their driver was not at fault for the mobility scooter crossing the street in an area where the crosswalk is not marked. They also argued that our client, at 89 years of age, did not have a long life expectancy. We retained a competent accident reconstruction expert who prepared a scale model of the intersection to demonstrate that our client crossed the road in an area that would be construed as an “unmarked crosswalk,” since our client was crossing from corner to corner. The case settled for a confidential amount satisfactory to the family at mediation prior to filing suit.

$135,000 Settlement Two Weeks Before Trial

Our retired 56-year old client was driving her mother home from a shopping trip when a delivery truck pulled out from a side street crashing into her. A second delivery truck was proceeding in the right lane and slowed apparently intending to turn down the side street. The delivery trucked that crashed into our client, claimed that the other truck waived him on, and he did not see our client proceeding in the second lane of travel. Both delivery trucks denied that they were at fault, and both claimed that our client should somehow have avoided this accident, even though she had the right-of-way and was proceeding at normal speed. After the insurance company made offers that we felt were unreasonable, our client authorized us to file suit. We also rejected the low offers extended at mediation and prepared to bring doctors to trial via video tape. When we were on the verge of trial, the insurance companies got realistic, in our opinion, and offered a combined settlement in an amount sufficient to resolve this case.

Medical bills had increased prior to trial with a surgery to our client’s shoulder that occurred three years after the accident. The insurance companies denied that the surgery was caused by the accident, but the medical documentation that we obtained was helpful.

Workers’ Compensation Lump Sum Settlements

$137,500 Long Time Municipal Employee

Our client, a long-time municipal employee, injured his knee on a jobsite, necessitating surgery and leaving him with a permanent injury that prevented him from returning to his historical work in the field. This fairly high-paid supervisor was collecting maximum workers comp wage benefits and his medical bills were being paid. When it became apparent that he was not going to be able to return to his traditional job, we argued for vocational rehabilitation benefits to retrain our client for another high wage job that was more sedentary. After much wrangling and prior to a hearing on our vocational rehabilitation request, the insurance carrier was willing to settle this case in an acceptable amount where our client would develop his own rehabilitation plan.

Back Injury from Repair of Heavy Machinery, Workers Comp and Third Party Claim (Confidential Settlement)

Part of our client’s job was to periodically dismantle and maintain a piece of heavy machinery. While doing his job he sustained a herniated and was unable to return to work. In addition to workers comp benefits, we pursued a third party claim against the manufacturer of the machine when our expert witness noted that the machine was improperly designed. The manufacturer of the machine denied any liability and stated that our client must have been careless in doing his job. The procedure recommended by the manufacturer required that a worker actually stand on top of the machine, bend down, and lift a 40 pound piece of the machine. It was our impression, subsequently proven by expert witnesses, that the machine was negligently designed because it did not provide a safe method for removal of the heavy part from the machine that had to be periodically removed. The claim was settled for a confidential lump sum amount that was satisfactory to our client.

$89,000 Rotator Cuff Injury for Oil Delivery Man

Our client, an oil delivery man in his mid 50’s, sustained an injury to his rotator cuff from working with the heavy hose on the oil delivery truck. His injury required rotator cuff surgery to repair the damage to the shoulder tendon. He was out of work for a year and a half when the insurance company tried to knock him off his workers’ comp benefits. He hired our law firm, and we were able to keep him on benefits and work with him to explore his other vocational options. About six months after we began working with our client, we were able to obtain a lump sum settlement for him in the amount of $89,000, which satisfied his future lost earning compensation from workers’ comp, but kept open his ability to have his medical bills paid by workers’ comp in the future. Our client planned to take a light truck driving job that would not be as strenuous as the former job.

$55,000 Lump Sum for 61-Year Old Housekeeper

Our client, a 61-year old housekeeper who simply loved the social environment of working at an area hospital, suffered an injury when another employee rolled a cart over her foot. She suffered a sprained ankle and nerve injury that prevented her from returning to work. She qualified for Social Security Disability benefits. We were able to structure her workers’ compensation settlement so that she did not have a Social Security offset on her benefits. She planned to apply for Social Security Disability benefits the year after the settlement.

$55,000 Lump Sum Settlement For Young Seasonal Landscaper

Our client, a 26-year old seasonal landscaper, sustained a herniated disc while working on landscaping equipment. Our young client had surgery, made a good recovery, but needed to hire a lawyer when the workers’ compensation insurance carrier denied his benefits. We prevailed at a hearing where the hearing’s officer at the New Hampshire Department of Labor determined that our client, in fact, did get hurt while on the job. Our client decided that landscaping work would be too heavy for him in the future, and he obtained a truck driving job.

$43,000 Lump Sum Settlement for Fractured Ankle

Our client fractured her ankle at her workplace and was out of work for two years. She received workers’ compensation wage loss benefits and medical bills during this period of time. After two years, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier tried to cut our client off of benefits. While our client still had symptoms, she had some work capacity at that point and was exploring her other vocational options. We settled shortly prior to the hearing for a satisfactory amount that allowed our client to start a new career.

Bicycle Injury Settlements

Bicyclist Killed on Dark Evening

Our client was killed when a vehicle cut him off as he was returning home from a long ride on a dark evening. Our client was within a mile of his home when he was proceeding down a hill and cut off by a car. The police attributed fault to the bicyclist who had no lights on his bicycle in a dark area of the roadway. We assisted the widow with the establishment of a probate estate and filed suit. After we hired an accident reconstruction expert we proved that even with no lights, the bicyclist should have been visible to the car driver if he was keeping a proper lookout. The insurance company settled at mediation after filing suit for a confidential amount.

Bicyclist Cut Off by Construction Vehicle

Our client, a recreational road bicyclist, was returning home from a morning ride. As she was heading for home down a hill near a construction site, a dump truck with a defective directional signal, turned right in front of her, cutting her off. She slammed her brakes and was catapulted over her handlebars, causing serious shoulder injury. The bicyclist did not come in contact with the vehicle and did not even stop. Though assistance of a competent police officer investigating the accident, the vehicle was located, and the defective right directional blinker confirmed. Since the insurance company initially denied liability, suit was filed. The case settled for a suitable confidential amount prior to trial.

Bicyclist Hit in Crosswalk

Our client was riding his bicycle home from work when he rode across the street in a crosswalk and was hit by a driver who failed to properly stop at the stop sign. The driver rolled through the stop sign planning to stop ahead of the cross walk. Our client was struck on the side, knocked over and suffered a back strain with a questionable annular tear in the back. Our client had previously been a very hard worker in life and had significant degeneration in his back due to his prior lifetime of heavy lifting. The actual injury caused by this collision was contested by the insurance company. When the insurance continued to contest fault and injuries, we filed suit. The case was settled shortly before the scheduled trial date for a satisfactory confidential amount.

Slip and Fall Recoveries

$81,000 Super Bowl Sunday Fall

Our client was exiting a Manchester restaurant facility on Super Bowl Sunday after watching the game. Evidently, the snowplowing practice of the restaurant was to plow snow in area that we felt would encourage the snow to melt and then freeze in the parking lot, causing a dangerous condition to patrons on foot. Additionally, the lighting was determined to be inadequate and a damaged light pole had not been repaired by the facility. The injuries included a broken tibia. Medical expenses were $30,000, and lost earnings were $11,000. The insurance company argued that the restaurant did not have liability and that the plaintiff made a good recovery. The case settled after suit, but prior to trial.

$11,000 Parking Lot Settlement

A patron of the Manchester Airport was parking his vehicle when, as a result of careless snowplowing in our opinion, fell in the parking lot causing a fractured right knee. Medical expenses totaled $3,400. The insurance company argued that the owner of the parking lot was not at fault for the injury, but agreed to settle for $11,000, an amount that was satisfactory to our client, prior to filing suit.

$21,000 Evening Fall in Back Stairs

Our client was visiting his friend when they decided to go out for the evening after dark. As he was going down the outdoor back stairs of the apartment building, our client slipped on ice that had accumulated on the wooden stairs from water dripping off the roof. Our client sustained neck and back strains after falling on his back and sliding down a set of stairs. His medical treatment was primarily associated with chiropractic treatment. The insurance company denied liability and also contested the injuries. We hired an architect to view the stairs, who noted several structural deficiencies, including problem with the roof drip edge that caused water to drip down onto the handrail and splash onto the stairs, causing the icy condition. We were able to work with our client’s health care providers to significantly reduce the amount that we had to repay them in order to obtain a reasonable net tax free recovery for our client.

Tavern Fight, Spinal Cord Injury

Our client, a 25-year old man awaiting enlistment into the United States Air Force, was attempting to enjoy an evening in his local pub. When an argument arose between some patrons, he attempted to calm down the angry customers. While his back was turned, he was attacked from behind by one of the people involved in the argument. The owner of the bar, who was also the bartender, thought that a fight was likely to break out and moved to immobilize our client by gripping him in a bear hug. Due to the carelessness of the bar owner, our client fell backward and was seriously injured, sustaining a spinal cord injury. He received medical care, and incurred substantial medical bills, but was still left with a permanent impairment. Vocational rehabilitation experts reported that he will earn less money over his lifetime as a result of the injuries. He also had to curtail his plans to serve his country in the Air Force. The case was settled for a confident amount prior to trial, but after filing lawsuit.

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